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Company Overview & Mission

International Iconic Gold Exploration Corp. owns the rights to the San Roque Gold Project - highly attractive gold exploration property located in the friendly mining region of the Rio Negro, which is a province in northeastern Patagonia, Argentina, home to several billion-dollar mining operations.

The San Roque Gold project is being explored by Iconic for intermediate sulphidation gold mineralization and is in the advanced stages of exploration in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina.

01_Iconic Gold_Website_FADED S.A. MAP.jpg

Fig.1 - Rio Negro Province, Argentina

Our Vision is a fresh perspective and renewal of our flagship San Roque project that drives our discovery for gold. Our focus is to develop this asset with metallurgy and extensive drill programs with our team of experts who are the best in the field. We are expanding our horizons globally with additional merger and acquisition opportunities, fuelled by further exploration and production of gold and precious metals.


Iconic Gold is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with a focus on the global market and future M&A junctures.



• Executive Management Team - Proven success in the San Roque Project

with advanced stages of exploration completed.


• Diversified Technical Team - Proven winners with records

of vaulting junior miners into success.

• Excellent local infrastructure in the mining friendly province of

Rio Negro, Argentina.

• Known polymetallic resource zones hosting the gold mineralization are wide open to

expansion in all directions, with greatest opportunity to come in drill testing

numerous outlying gold bearing outcrops.

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